Independence Day 2015

EAST CANTON, OHIO — For the 2015 Independence Day holiday, we went to my cousin’s home in East Canton. For the last several years he’s put on a pretty fun display for his family and friends to enjoy.

The Velcats

KENT, OHIO — While at the Stone Tavern waiting to photograph Bosephus, I took some pictures of the bands that went before them. I believe this band is called The Velcats.

Kimber, Part II

AKRON, OHIO — Kimber met up with me for a second photo shoot. This time we left the home studio setup and traveled to the Goodyear Metro Park in Akron.

Independence Day 2012

AKRON, OHIO — We spent the Independence Day holiday with a friend in Akron, Ohio. I took pictures from their apartment’s balcony. We could see fireworks going off way in the distance at other small towns across the horizon.

Ducks and Geese

STOW, OHIO — On a second trip to that local park we came across a larger collection of birds than the day before. We were able to see ducks and geese swimming. There were even goslings following an adult around.

A Bird and a Chipmunk

TALLMADGE, OHIO — This brown colored bird landed on the walkway out front of my apartment back in 2012. I’m not sure of what type of bird we’re looking at here. On the other hand, I’m fairly confident that this fella is a chipmunk. He had a burrow under the sidewalk that he’d run to…

Kimber, Part I

TALLMADGE, OHIO — I met Kimber through Model Mayhem, the online site that connects models and photographers. We got together for a shoot in early January 2012.

Kent Stage, Part II

KENT, OHIO — Having been requested to the venue to photograph Low Watt Radio, I didn’t necessarily know any of the other bands. I believe this band is Coal Town based on the harmonica player’s shirt.


TALLMADGE, OHIO — Rachel was a friend of mine. One time when we were hanging out I pulled out my camera and started taking some pictures. She had just gotten her hair done and it looked pretty cool. A short while ago Rachel passed. I was fortunate to have been one of her friends.

Pro Football Hall of Fame

CANTON, OHIO — Living in Canton, Ohio it’s easy to take for granted that there’s such a significant place right down the road from my house. When one of my brothers came to visit in April 2011, we went and visited the Hall of Fame museum.

Roadside Cows

OHIO — Towards the end of August 2008 I drove from Massachusetts to Ohio. After having just completed the six hours it takes to cross Pennsylvania, I pulled off the interstate and had the GPS lead me through local roads for the last hour of the trip. I pulled over and took some pictures of…