Independence Day 2015

EAST CANTON, OHIO — For the 2015 Independence Day holiday, we went to my cousin’s home in East Canton. For the last several years he’s put on a pretty fun display for his family and friends to enjoy.

Independence Day 2012

AKRON, OHIO — We spent the Independence Day holiday with a friend in Akron, Ohio. I took pictures from their apartment’s balcony. We could see fireworks going off way in the distance at other small towns across the horizon.

Independence Day 2009

FALL RIVER, MASSACHUSETTS — I didn’t know it yet but this was going to be my last Independence Day in Massachusetts. Rather than go down to the riverfront, I set up a tripod in front of Fall River’s Government Center. The building sits directly over Interstate 195. I took pictures of the fireworks being set…

Independence Day 2008

FALL RIVER, MASSACHUSETTS — 2008 was the second year I took photos at city of Fall River’s annual Independence Day fireworks display. I was shooting from a different spot than the last year, this time opting to go further up river, away from Battleship Cove and the Braga Bridge.

Fall River Celebrates

FALL RIVER, MASSACHUSETTS — Living in Fall River, one might come to think the city likes colorful explosions in the Summer. It was only a little over a month since Independence Day of 2007 when the city hosted their annual “Fall River Celebrates America” event. It took the opportunity to try a second time to…

My First Fireworks

FALL RIVER, MASSACHUSETTS — On a Saturday in July of 2007 I went down to the Taunton River in Fall River, Massachusetts to take pictures of the city’s annual Independence Day fireworks display. The Fall River side of the river features a maritime museum area referred to as Battleship Cove. There are a number of…