The Velcats

KENT, OHIO — While at the Stone Tavern waiting to photograph Bosephus, I took some pictures of the bands that went before them. I believe this band is called The Velcats.

Johnny and the Apple Stompers

KENT, OHIO — I was asked up to the Stone Tavern to take some pictures of Bosephus. While I was waiting for their set I got to see a couple other bands including this interesting group called “Johnny and the Apple Stompers”.

Kent Stage, Part III

KENT, OHIO — Aside from the band I was there for, I got pictures of several other bands. Here’s some shots from one of the other bands that was performing. Unfortunately, I don’t know who they are.

Jordan Knight

PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND — In August 2007 I went with some friends to Providence, Rhode Island’s Summerfest. While I was mostly enjoying the beach volleyball, I couldn’t help but take notice of the headlining musical act. Jordan Knight, of New Kids on the Block fame, was performing some of his solo and NKOTB songs to…

Concert Photography

FOXBORO, MASSACHUSETTS — On a warm sunny day back in August of 2008 I was driving to class in a rented Ford Mustang on I-195 East. The car’s radio was tuned to a random station that I hadn’t yet bothered to change. The station’s announcer suddenly announced a contest where the first ten callers would…