STOW, OHIO — A friend and I took our kids to play at a local park. There’s a pond there that seems to attract plenty of geese.

A Bird and a Chipmunk

TALLMADGE, OHIO — This brown colored bird landed on the walkway out front of my apartment back in 2012. I’m not sure of what type of bird we’re looking at here. On the other hand, I’m fairly confident that this fella is a chipmunk. He had a burrow under the sidewalk that he’d run to…

Mystic Aquarium 2008

MYSTIC, CONNECTICUT — In early June 2008 I went to visit Connecticut’s Mystic Aquarium. It was the first time I had tried to take a picture of a jellyfish, so I wasn’t expecting much success. I found them in a massive cylindrical tank in the center of the indoor aquarium. There are a number of…

American Robin

FALL RIVER, MASSACHUSETTS — A colorful bird was hopping around in my yard on a Spring day back in 2008. I took a series of pictures of this American Robin with a telephoto lens. It’s always so easy to spook a bird when you’re so close and trying to take a picture.