Ground Bees

CANTON, OHIO — I found these guys yesterday. They’ve been hovering around what appears to be a small rodent burrow. It seems some bees took over what must have been a vacancy in the hole. They didn’t appear to be aggressive and basically kept to themselves. Regardless, I didn’t want to get too close. I…

Summer Flowers 2009

MASSACHUSETTS — I can’t seem to get enough of flower pictures. The bright colors and whimsical styles often make for interesting pictures. This was going to be my last full Summer in Massachusetts; I moved to Ohio the following June. Here are the flowers of my last full New England Summer.

Summer Flowers 2008

MASSACHUSETTS — Here’s a collection of photos from the Summer of 2008. These all feature flowers and a few include bees or even a fly. I don’t remember the specifics of where they were taken, but I am confident they’re all from the Southcoast Massachusetts area.

Somewhere in Rhode Island

TIVERTON, RHODE ISLAND — In early July 2008, I went with a friend to a birthday party in Rhode Island. While lingering around the back with the other party people, I took some pictures of the flowers and little statues in the yard.

Summer Flowers 2007

MASSACHUSETTS — Over the Summer of 2007 I often found myself trying to take decent pictures of the plants I came across. Here’s a sampling of the pictures created in July and August. Most of these were taken on the campus of the Bristol Community College, where I earned my Associate’s in Computer Information Systems….

Some Random Flowers

MASSACHUSETTS — I had driven someone to a meeting they were having at some building in a smaller Massachusetts city (I don’t remember where). While sitting in the car, waiting for him to finish up with his business, I found myself somewhat transfixed with their landscaped flowers. The next time he had a meeting in…