TALLMADGE, OHIO — These pictures are of a table from my home. On it there are a bunch of different craft supplies such as markers, crayons, pencils, and the like. These pictures all feature markers.

Kent Stage, Part III

KENT, OHIO — Aside from the band I was there for, I got pictures of several other bands. Here’s some shots from one of the other bands that was performing. Unfortunately, I don’t know who they are.

Holly Wood, Part III

BOURNE, MASSACHUSETTS — Holly had a bright red dress that might work well for a Little Red Riding hood sort of aesthetic. We went into the woods on Cape Cod and captured a few pictures. Though her shoes are cut off, this was my favorite shot from the session.

Holly Wood, Part II

BOURNE, MASSACHUSETTS — One of Holly’s relatives owned a piece of property with a barn and stables. We took a short drive there to see what we could come up with. Here’s some of the pictures from our second photo session.

Kimber, Part I

TALLMADGE, OHIO — I met Kimber through Model Mayhem, the online site that connects models and photographers. We got together for a shoot in early January 2012.

Kent Stage, Part II

KENT, OHIO — Having been requested to the venue to photograph Low Watt Radio, I didn’t necessarily know any of the other bands. I believe this band is Coal Town based on the harmonica player’s shirt.

Kent Stage, Part I

KENT, OHIO — I’m not sure of the name of this band. I was requested to shoot Low Watt Radio’s performance and ended up taking pictures of the rest of the bands.


TALLMADGE, OHIO — Rachel was a friend of mine. One time when we were hanging out I pulled out my camera and started taking some pictures. She had just gotten her hair done and it looked pretty cool. A short while ago Rachel passed. I was fortunate to have been one of her friends.


PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA — I met Mandi through my friend Scott. In July 2011 I drove to the outskirts of the Pittsburgh area and met up with her and her mother for a shoot. I wasn’t familiar with the area, so I had them direct me to some possible places to work. Here’s a few pictures…

Pro Football Hall of Fame

CANTON, OHIO — Living in Canton, Ohio it’s easy to take for granted that there’s such a significant place right down the road from my house. When one of my brothers came to visit in April 2011, we went and visited the Hall of Fame museum.

Holly Wood, Part I

BOURNE, MASSACHUSETTS — Back in October of 2010 I traveled back to Massachusetts from Ohio; I was there to visit with some friends. My friend Sam had also arranged for me to meet and shoot with Holly. Over the course of my few days in town, I met up with Holly for two days. There…

Ground Bees

CANTON, OHIO — I found these guys yesterday. They’ve been hovering around what appears to be a small rodent burrow. It seems some bees took over what must have been a vacancy in the hole. They didn’t appear to be aggressive and basically kept to themselves. Regardless, I didn’t want to get too close. I…