Ducks and Geese

STOW, OHIO — On a second trip to that local park we came across a larger collection of birds than the day before. We were able to see ducks and geese swimming. There were even goslings following an adult around.


STOW, OHIO — A friend and I took our kids to play at a local park. There’s a pond there that seems to attract plenty of geese.

A Bird and a Chipmunk

TALLMADGE, OHIO — This brown colored bird landed on the walkway out front of my apartment back in 2012. I’m not sure of what type of bird we’re looking at here. On the other hand, I’m fairly confident that this fella is a chipmunk. He had a burrow under the sidewalk that he’d run to…

Ground Bees

CANTON, OHIO — I found these guys yesterday. They’ve been hovering around what appears to be a small rodent burrow. It seems some bees took over what must have been a vacancy in the hole. They didn’t appear to be aggressive and basically kept to themselves. Regardless, I didn’t want to get too close. I…

Behind the Nursing Home

SWANSEA, MASSACHUSETTS — While visiting one day with a friend at a Massachusetts nursing home, I looked out the window and noticed a field of grazing cattle was behind the building. There were a bunch of cows and a single bull. It was drizzling outside, but I didn’t want to leave without first trying to…

Mystic Aquarium 2009

MYSTIC, CONNECTICUT — In the Spring of 2009 we went on another trip the Connecticut’s Mystic Aquarium. Here are some pictures from the visit.

We Came Across a Horse

FREETOWN, MASSACHUSETTS — My oldest and I went for a drive to the Freetown-Fall River State Forest in Freetown, Massachusetts. I drove my Chevy Venture minivan down a series of bumpy dirt roads. Along one of those roads we found a fenced in field with some horses. I took pictures of the one that was…

Summer Flowers 2009

MASSACHUSETTS — I can’t seem to get enough of flower pictures. The bright colors and whimsical styles often make for interesting pictures. This was going to be my last full Summer in Massachusetts; I moved to Ohio the following June. Here are the flowers of my last full New England Summer.

Porch Spider

FALL RIVER, MASSACHUSETTS — I was sitting on the front porch when I noticed this spider going about his business. I’m not a huge fan of getting close to these creatures, but a macro lens and magnification filters helped me get up the nerve to try and get an interesting picture. I really like the…

Roadside Cows

OHIO — Towards the end of August 2008 I drove from Massachusetts to Ohio. After having just completed the six hours it takes to cross Pennsylvania, I pulled off the interstate and had the GPS lead me through local roads for the last hour of the trip. I pulled over and took some pictures of…

Summer Flowers 2008

MASSACHUSETTS — Here’s a collection of photos from the Summer of 2008. These all feature flowers and a few include bees or even a fly. I don’t remember the specifics of where they were taken, but I am confident they’re all from the Southcoast Massachusetts area.

Boston Common

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS — I was downtown in Boston in early July 2008 when I took a stroll through Boston Common. I took pictures of some of the birds and flowers. There were several swans swimming in the lake. A bunch of ducks were also in the water though quite a few were walking around. Most…